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Student/Alumni Endorsement

Student/Alumni Endorsement

  • Steve Chan
    Class of 2019, CUHK
    Technical Secretary, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, HKSAR Government

    As my background is an electrical engineer, the programme has brought me to a new horizon of learning. Through the programme, I have acquired skills and knowledge in public policy such as agenda setting, policy formulation and adoption, government efficiency and policy economic analysis which are very useful for my daily works.

  • Alvin Chiu
    Class of 2018, CUHK
    District Council Member, Sha Tin District Council / Senior Vice President, Everbright Sun Hung Kai Company Limited

    MPUP is very useful for me. Courses such as Crisis Management and Global Finance and Governance equipped me with valuable knowledge for my current career fields on Public & Civil and Finance. CUHK is definitely an excellent university in the profession of Public Policy. That’s why I believe all MPUP graduates would have a bright future and brilliant career development.

  • Billy Chan
    Class of 2018, CUHK

    As a policymaker, having a holistic view on the situation and the ability to balance the interests of different stakeholders are always required in every decision making process. The interdisciplinary structure of MPUP programme not only deepens my knowledge on policies, it also provides me with multiple thinking models from political science, economics and many other different disciplines. I believe only through having a comprehensive view on the current situation and understanding on theories could policymakers make decisions required by the people they are serving. MPUP would be one of the best ways for you to prepare yourself to be a future policy maker.

  • Angel Chan
    Class of 2017, CUHK
    Executive Officer, HKSAR Government

    Emphasising the importance of multidisciplinary learning, the MPUP programme of CUHK has deepened my knowledge and understanding in different fields of studies. From social policies to environmental policies; from public relations to economics, the courses here have trained us to be multi-talents who are able to think from different points of view. What surprised me the most is the pooling of talents in which classmates are from different academic backgrounds and sectors of the society. During in-class discussions and after-class activities, we often exchange our ideas, opinions and job experiences with each other. All these fruitful communications help broaden my horizon and widen my personal network with professionals from different areas. Furthermore, the programme has also provided us with practical career training and consultation, such as AO/EO workshop and alumni sharing. All these well prepared me for my JRE exam and EO interview when I was applying for the post. In sum, the programme not just provides me with knowledge and theory, but also extensive personal network and career training which make me “a better me”.

  • Hugo Leong
    Class of 2017, CUHK
    Researcher, Beijing Institute of Hong Kong and Macau Scholars

    Learning policymaking is learning how we can make a difference in the world, and MPUP provided me this excellent opportunity by inspiring classes and enriched academic activities including seminars and organization visits. After this 1-year study journey, I have had deeper understandings of the policymaking process, research method, crisis management as well as public policies in Greater China, which are all very useful to my daily research work.

  • Li Linlin
    Class of 2017, CUHK
    Business Analyst, G.Li & Company; Project Manager, Invotech

    MPUP Programme truly enhanced my understanding of policies in theoretical framework and policies in reality. In one year, we learned policy making process, compared different practices in various countries and discussed current policy debates. Impact of MPUP goes beyond studying policies in the university. It shapes my mindset of approaching and analyzing complex problems at work. Besides, studying in a different environment with my energetic classmates, my original perspectives were always challenged and new concepts blew my mind. Be open-minded and learn to agree to disagreements, you will enjoy a fruitful year in CUHK.

  • Kamen Chan
    Class of 2017, CUHK
    Advisory Consulting Associate, PwC

    I majored in Engineering during my undergraduate studies. MPUP programme provides me with the best platform of interdisciplinary learning to foster my critical analysis on global policy issues. More importantly, I am not only exposed to essential knowledge in policymaking, but also lots of opportunities outside classroom, for having intellectual exchange of ideas with scholars around the globe.

  • Sing Yeung Lam
    Class of 2017, CUHK
    Consultant, Environmental Sector

    Wide variety of courses, vibrant composition of class and down-to-earth interaction between students and teaching scholars - the MPUP programme extended my vision to different policy issues of concern. As a graduate in environmental studies, the MPUP programme equipped me with the general “policy analysing toolkit” that can be applied to other policy domains beyond the environmental field. The interdisciplinary design of the MPUP programme provides comprehensive training to examine policies from multiple perspectives. It offered flexibility in choosing electives according to my own academic interest. In addition, MPUP is an ideal destination to develop intellectual capacity in public policy. The featured MPUP seminars allowed me to learn from outstanding scholars in different fields. The programme has enhanced my research skills and comprehension towards the policy dilemma, which enables me to transform into an all-round policy researcher.

  • Peijie Wang
    Class of 2016, CUHK
    Ph.D student, School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University

    The interdisciplinary course design of MPUP offers a variety of choices which allows me to explore my research interest. Indeed, MPUP helps me find the beauty and intelligible complexity of academic research and equips me with knowledge from politics, economics, to sociology and so on. Through the theoretical and practical training of public policy, I can analyze policy-related cases and research papers from different angles. The courses Economic Analysis of Public Policy as well as Values and Ethics in Public Policy remind me of the importance of a prudent policy design as a policymaker-to-be or a scholar in public management. Throughout the whole study journey, I realized that a good public policy is based on both solid theoretical debates and the use of scientific research methods. That is why I start my Ph.D. studies later on.

  • Benny Lau
    Class of 2016, CUHK
    Corporate Development Manager, The Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong

    As a social worker, I felt the need to expand my knowledge in policy formulation as the living of the service users can be greatly improved by the refinement of related policy. As the Corporate Development Manager of an NGO, I have to be sensitive to the impact of various policies on both NGO and the service users. The course ‘NGO and the Government’ emphasizes on the interactions among NGO, the government, political parties and other social groups. It enriches my understanding of how theory and practice of public policy impact on NGO in the local context. The programme emphasizes the application of concepts on real cases and it strikes the balance between theory and practice. Through different learning activities, we are trained to think intensively and analyze public policy problems from different perspectives. More importantly, the programme emphasizes the relationship between public policies and the values and ethics underlying them, which provides justification for the legitimacy of policies. It facilitates our analysis of policy in a deeper level.

  • Gloria Chan
    Class of 2016, CUHK
    Assistant Director, Collaborating Centre for Oxford University and CUHK for Disaster and Medical Humanitarian Response (CCOUC), The Chinese University of Hong Kong

    MPUP is unique by being interdisciplinary – a critical criteria of nowadays public policy making. Its non-didactic teaching approach opens the door of intellectual exchange and bridges the gap of theory and practice. Back to study after working in the front line for two decades, I take from MPUP the insight to further pursue the path as a practitioner-scholar and, most importantly, an agent of change for the betterment of our future.

  • Gary Wang
    Class of 2016, CUHK
    Consultant, Deloitte Consulting (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. Shenzhen Branch

    With abundant practical experience and profound academic knowledge, the MPUP teaching team, composed of distinguished professionals from think tanks, government and political parties, not only gives me a systematic understanding of public policy theory, but also provides me with creative and prospective insight into the way of analyzing social issues. In particular, most of their splendid lectures combining theories with policy practice in Hong Kong benefit me a lot.

  • Yat Leung
    Class of 2015, CUHK
    LUI Che Woo Prize Limited / Non-profit Organisation

    MPUP is a good choice if you are interested and passionate in engaging in the public sector, including governmental sector and non-profit organisations. It is well developed for those who are looking for professional and in-depth development in the public sector. MPUP is also a platform where you can meet broader spectrum and various strata of talents across the sector. You would be able to expand and strengthen your knowledge in public policy and policymaking through comprehensive exchange of views and communications with leading international scholars and students of professional profile throughout the programme. MPUP is highly recommended to those energetic professionals who aim for leading positions in related fields!

  • Corinne Lam
    Class of 2015, CUHK
    Finance/ Media

    With a well-designed curriculum as well as various sharing sessions conducted by public service leaders, MPUP equipped me with cutting edge knowledge in public policy and analytical skills which help prepare me to become a news reporter who is able to judge whether a government policy justified. My MPUP degree also helps me get the opportunity to work at the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA), a public organization, where I can put what I have learned into practice. I must say studying in MPUP is an inspiring and enjoyable experience throughout my study life.

  • Sam Chan
    Class of 2012, CUHK

    As a graduate who did my major in Economics and minor in Government and Public Administration, I found MPUP an ideal extension for my academic pursuit. After one year of study in MPUP, I am equipped with not only the framework of policy analysis but also the essence of leadership. This programme offers a precious opportunity for me to learn from some of the most renowned scholars in the field of policy as well as leadership. Also, I eagerly want to interact with students from different backgrounds, and the study trip is a big step towards my goal of serving the community. Studying in MPUP is definitely a rewarding experience for all future leaders who aim to strive for excellence.

  • Brian Yu
    Class of 2012, CUHK
    Editor, The Chinese University Press, CUHK

    MPUP enables me to integrate knowledge and experience of my undergraduate studies in Government and Public Administration major and Sociology minor, plus my subsequent first full-time job at an NGO. Professors and lecturers inspire me to describe and prescribe ways to value our city's public life. Perspectives range from public administration, economics, political philosophy, environment, architecture and more. There are opportunities for us to grasp and look into social issues from viewpoints of a diversity of stakeholders in society, with good discussion of cases locally and abroad. In brief, this programme is Multidisciplinary, Professional, Uplifting, and Practical — I think that's why it's called MPUP!

  • Gary Chan
    Class of 2019, CUHK
    Audit Commission, HKSAR Government

    Being a professional accountant, a postgraduate degree in a different field could broaden my horizons and allow me to think outside the box. The interdisciplinary nature of MPUP programme definitely satisfies my academic and practical needs. Also, it provides me with a platform to meet students from other government departments, media, political parties, etc. in order for us to learn from each other and exchange ideas in respect of public policy issues in town and around the globe.

  • Agnes Wong
    Class of 2015, CUHK
    Environmental Protection Officer, Environmental Protection Department, HKSAR Government

    Working as a civil servant means that I have to deal with public-related issues frequently. As I come from science background, I would like to learn more about public policy to facilitate my work. After studied in MPUP, I can use different perspectives to analyze public-related issues and understand the process or norm of public policy formulation. I found the real case examples and in-class discussions beneficial. Apart from the above, MPUP also surprised me by its well-established alumni network.

  • Michael Lee
    Class of 2014, CUHK

    It was totally out of my plan to enroll in MPUP programme. It all started from 2011 when I was in Sendai, Japan. Initially, my intention to join MPUP was to learn more for helping the reconstruction and relief work in Northeast Japan after the earthquake. However, after one year, I learn not only the principles of NGO and government policymaking, but also logical and critical thinking through intensive class discussion. MPUP programme is a very good platform for people from different sectors to have interactions.

  • Robert Lee
    Class of 2014, CUHK
    Correctional Services Department, HKSAR Government

    This Programme demonstrates the importance of public policy not simply by focusing on theoretical ideologies, but also practical application and case evaluation. Being an officer of government department facing high degree of public expectation, some crisis management techniques are necessary for me to handle different cases. The courses strengthen my crisis management skills and critical thinking through significant case studies and class interaction. Comprehensive analysis and case studies broaden my horizons and help me understand perspectives of different stakeholders. These really strengthen my confidence to deal with daily tasks of my work.

  • Crystal Yan
    Class of 2014, CUHK
    Trade and Industry Department, HKSAR Government

    It was a marvelous experience to study with my MPUP classmates who are from all walks of life but share the same interest. I enjoyed all the fruitful discussions and exchanges during and after classes, as well as the preparation for presentations. MPUP strengthens my theoretical knowledge and analytical skill, which enable me to understand public policies from all-rounded perspectives.

  • Ming Yang
    Class of 2013, CUHK
    Senior Executive - Case Management, Jardine Lloyd Thompson PCS Limited

    MPUP programme is one of the most invaluable experiences I have in Hong Kong. It enriches my understanding on the political, economic, and cultural aspects of Hong Kong, and further connects me to the advanced study and research on public policy realm internationally. Through the programme, I learnt from the extremely knowledgeable professors in an open academic environment with developed interdisciplinary perspectives. The benefit of MPUP programme doesn’t end at the completion of programme, but rather it continues. I have sharpened my mind that would be used for life; I have made friends that would last for life; I have met teachers that would offer advice to me when needed in the future. I would recommend this programme to those who are interested and you would definitely gain much more than expected.

  • Ken Kwok
    Class of 2013, CUHK
    Commercial Radio Hong Kong

    Working in the media, there seems to be endless information to digest everyday, especially on judging whether or not the government is doing well, or whether issues are justified. MPUP has enlightened me with many useful fundamental and essential principles in making critical and significant judgments. At times, I find it very enjoyable to be inspired by the lessons. If you are interested in politics and public policy, CUHK is no doubt the best place!

  • Heydon Choi
    Class of 2013, CUHK
    Executive Officer, HKSAR Government

    MPUP has not only consolidated my foundation in public administration, but also opened up new domains of knowledge for me. The courses are diversified and truly rewarding. I am delighted that this programme has sharpened my critical thinking and judgemental skills, making me better equipped for my career and life goals. Through this programme, I make new friends from the public sector, NGOs, political parties as well as the private sector. We learn from each other, exchange ideas and build up friendships that we all treasure.

  • Sophie Tan
    Class of 2013, CUHK
    Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

    The interaction between professors and students impressed me the most during my study in MPUP. This is quite different from the traditional method of teaching in mainland China. As a new programme, MPUP gives us various choices in lessons which stimulate different ideas and facilitate explorations. I am also fascinated by knowledge of public sector in Hong Kong and benefit a lot from it.

  • Jason Tsui
    Class of 2012, CUHK

    As a political science major in my undergraduate study, I got an opportunity from MPUP to further deepen my knowledge about how politics works in the real world. Its multidisciplinary nature is its major strength. Our study is not limited to a single discipline and our professors come from different departments in the Faculty of Social Science. Another astrength of MPUP is that it does not only focus on academic theories, but we also have teachers who have worked in their fields for years, if not decades. They pass to us a lot of practical knowledge and experience. If you are interested in studying public policy, MPUP of CUHK is the right place to go.

  • Lisa Wu
    Class of 2012, CUHK

    As an English major student, I was firstly attracted by MPUP as its curriculum does not only focus on the policymaking process but also help students analyze and resolve policy problems. After setting foot in the MPUP classes, I found that every classmate here possesses diversified backgrounds. What’s more is Hong Kong as a metropolitan city, you would certainly experience a clash of different ideas. These collisions will encourage you to do some critical thinking and formulate your own one. That is the most valuable thing I have got from MPUP.

  • Jian Feng
    Class of 2012, CUHK
    Convoy Hong Kong

    When I initially had the idea to pursue my master degree in public policy in 2010, the first place came to my mind is Hong Kong. With its freedom and diversity, Hong Kong offers the perfect environment to study public policy. MPUP professors are all top professionals in their expert fields. They encourage students to think objectively and thoroughly. Some years passed since I joined MPUP. I must say I do not have any regrets at all. I changed a lot. I am now more sensitive to social problems and try to think of a possible solution critically. Our class discussions, presentations and papers help me understand how public policy works in the real world. I would like to thank all MPUP professors and classmates. Studying with you all is a really remarkable experience in my life.

  • Andy Teng
    Class of 2011, CUHK
    Shenzhen Development Bank, China

    I am a 2011 MPUP graduate from the mainland of China and have four years of banking experience prior to my sudies. Through MPUP, I do not only get the expertise in policymaking but also know more about multiculturalism in Hong Kong. With multidisciplinary learning and the multi-perspective teaching in MPUP, I have formed an integrated and global way of thinking, and begun to be able to think about and understand public policy issues as a policymaker. The MPUP experience is very helpful for my career, work and life.