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Non-degree / Short-term Programme

Non-degree / Short-term Programme

In addition to the MSSc in Public Policy programme, our MPUP teaching team also offers short-term, non-degree executive training programme for current and prospective leaders in the public sector and relevant fields.

Our MPUP team consists of both prominent scholars and seasoned practitioners. Most of our teaching staff possess strong academic background with advanced degrees and academic training from world-renowned universities in social sciences including the University of Chicago, Harvard University, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), the University of Oxford, Princeton University, Syracuse University and the University of Toronto.

In addition to academic training, our MPUP team is an experienced team with indepth knowledge and broad exposure in real-world public policymaking and management. Many members of our MPUP team have served in key government agencies, think tanks, and international organizations in Hong Kong and overseas, including the Central Policy Unit, Brookings Institutions (USA), and the World Bank. Our teachers also include policymakers, including a former member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong and members of Hong Kong Government advisory committees.

Legislative Council of Hong Kong

Central Government Complex, Hong Kong

Brookings Institutions, USA

Our executive training programme would integrate theory with professional experience to equip students with both knowledge and skills on a wide range of policy areas which include:

  • Public Policy Process
  • Policy Environment and Actors
  • Public Policy and Public Management in Hong Kong
  • Civil Society, NGOs, and Public Governance
  • Housing Policy
  • Environment Policy
  • Economic Policymaking and Global Finance
  • Social Policy
  • Mass Media and Crisis Management
  • Social Media and Policymaking
  • Ethics and Values in Public Policy

In terms of teaching method, our MPUP team uses interactive pedagogies including lectures, seminars, discussions and case studies from actual problems to facilitate the learning of our students and ensure that they can apply their learning in resolving complex policy problems.

To address different education and training needs, our executive training programme can also be customized to target at government agencies and other organisations of various backgrounds and nature. For further enquiries on short-term executive training programme, please contact us at email: