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Programme Objectives

Programme Objectives

In a society challenged by globalization and rapid changes in social and economic development, public policy has become a highly complex and multi-dimensional field. With increasing education level of citizens and their growing demands for accountability and performance in the public sector, public policy makers must consider different points of view with an interdisciplinary perspective in order to balance the diverse interests and concerns in society and achieve an optimal policy outcome.

With the above context in mind, MSSc Programme in Public Policy (MPUP) is designed for leaders and professionals who are currently or prospectively working as a decision maker in government, public organizations, non-profit organizations, law firms, commercial organizations, news media, or other private institutes in frequent contacts with the public sector. The Programme will equip them with knowledge, ideas, and strategies to help them deal with global and local policy changes effectively.

The courses focus on both theoretical foundation and professional practices. They aim at broadening the students’ horizon and enhancing their ability to formulate, analyze, and implement public policy.

Programme Highlights

  • An interdisciplinary programme, with commitment and support from various departments of Faculty of Social Science.
  • It emphasizes knowledge in policy-making and provides unique insights into major policy areas, such as social policy, economic policy, environmental policy, and urban development.
  • It is taught by a distinctive team of scholars and practitioners to equip students with integrative knowledge and essential professional skills.
  • The whole programme is offered in English, aiming to attract students around the globe who have the aspiration to create positive changes in society.
  • Starting from July 2016, our Programme has been transferred from Faculty of Social Science to Department of Government and Public Administration.