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Mission and Vision

The Mission of MPUP is:

MPUP should serve as the hub and engine of The Chinese University of Hong Kong to promote education, research, and engagement in public policy from an interdisciplinary perspective with local, regional and global impacts.

Our Vision is:

Our vision is for MPUP to become one of the world-class programmes in public policy. In order to do so, MPUP must strive to achieve excellence in research, teaching and engagement in public policy, through the creation, dissemination and application of research and knowledge with social impacts.

In our understanding, research, teaching and engagement are all interrelated and mutually-reinforcing areas of activities. Without research, there will be no useful and ground-breaking knowledge to teach our students and guide practice for addressing major public problems. Without education, knowledge created in research can become useless as no one is aware of it. Without engagement, there will be no cross-fertilization between research and practice which eventually will make our research unrealistic and irrelevant to the concerns of citizens and governments. As a result, MPUP is fully committed to educating and grooming future leaders in the region and the world who create and apply theory-guided and empirically-based knowledge to better serve the society and enhance policy-making.