Student and Alumni Endorsement
Yan Hoi Ying, Crystal
BSSc in Sociology, CUHK
Trade and Industry Department, HKSAR Government

MPUP was a marvelous experience to study with my classmates who are from all walks of life but share the same interest. I enjoyed all the fruitful discussions and exchanges during the lessons; the preparation of presentations and after classes. MPUP strengthens my theoretical knowledge and analytical skill, which enable to have more all-rounded perspective in understanding public policies.

Chan Chung Yiu, Sam
BSSc in Economics, CUHK
Awardee of the Paul Cheng East-West Center Leadership Scholarship 2012-13

As a graduate who did his major in Economics and minor in Government and Public Administration, MPUP is an ideal extension for my academic pursuit. After one year of study in MPUP, I am equipped with not only the framework of policy analysis but also the essence of leadership. This program offers a precious opportunity for me to learn from some of the most renowned scholars in the field of policy as well as leadership. Studying in MPUP is definitely rewarding experience for all future leaders who aim to strive for excellence.

Choi Kin Hei, Heydon
BSSc in Government and Public Administration, CUHK
Executive Officer, Hong Kong SAR Government

MPUP has not only consolidated my foundation in public administration, but has also opened up new domains of knowledge. The courses are diversified and are truly rewarding. I am delighted that this programme has sharpened my critical thinking and judgemental skills, making me better equipped for my career and life goals. Through this programme, I make new friends from the public sector, NGOs, political parties as well as the private sector. We learn from each other, exchanging and we build up friendships that we all treasure.

Kwok Chi Yan, Ken
BSSc in Government and Public Administration, CUHK
Commercial Radio Hong Kong

Working in the media, there seems to be endless information to digest everyday, especially on judging whether or not the Government is doing well, or whether issues are justified. MPUP has enlightened me with many useful fundamental and essential principles in making critical and significant judgments. At times, I find it very enjoyable to be surprised by the lessons. If you are interested in politics and public policy, CUHK is no doubt the best!

Teng Fei, Andy
Bachelor Degree of Economics and Business Administration, Heilongjiang University;
Shenzhen Development Bank, China

I am a 2011 MPUP graduate from the mainland of China and have four years of banking experience prior to enrollment. Through MPUP, I do not only get the expertise in policy-making but also know more about Hong Kong’s multiculturalism. With the multi-disciplinary learning and the multi-perspective teaching in MPUP, I have formed an integrated and global way of thinking, and begun to be able to think about and understand public policy issues as a policy-maker. The MPUP experience is very helpful for my career, work and life.

Wu Ya, Lisa
BA in English (Specialized in Economy and Trade), Henan University of Technology, China

As an English major student, I was firstly attracted by MPUP as its curriculum does not only focus on the policy-making process but also help students analyze and resolve policy problems. After setting foot in the MPUP classes, I found that every classmate here possesses diversified backgrounds. What’s more is Hong Kong as a metropolitan city, you would certainly experience a clash of different ideas. These collisions will encourage you to do some critical thinking and formulate your own one. That is the most valuable thing I have got from MPUP.

Lee Ming Fung, Michael
BA in Japanese Studies, CUHK

It was totally out of my plan to enroll in MPUP programme. It all starts from March 11, 2011 when I was in Sendai, Japan. Initially, my intention to join MPUP was to learn more for helping the reconstruction and relief work in Northeast Japan after the earthquake. However after one year, I learn not only the principles of NGO and government policy making, but also logical and critical thinking through active class discussion. MPUP programme is a very good platform for people from different sectors to have interactions.

Tsui Po Sen, Jason
BA in Political Science, University of Washington, Seattle, USA

As a political science major in my undergraduate study, MPUP gives me an opportunity to further deepen my knowledge about how politics works in the real world. Its multidisciplinary nature is its major strength. Our study is not limiting to a single discipline and our professors come from different departments in the Faculty of Social Science. Another area of strength of MPUP is it does not only focus on academic theories. We also have teachers who have worked in their fields for years if not decades, and they offer us a lot of practical knowledge and experience. If you are interested in studying public policy, MPUP program offered by CUHK is the right place to go.

Lee Chun Ho, Robert
BA in History, Lingnan University
Correctional Services Department, Hong Kong SAR Government

This Programme let me realize the importance of public policy not simply focusing on theoretical ideologies, but also practical application and case evaluation. Acting as an officer of government department, under the circumstances of high degree of public expectation, some crisis management techniques are required to handle different cases. The courses provided would eventually strengthen my crisis management skills and critical thinking through significant case studies and class interaction. Comprehensive analysis towards case studies broadens my horizons and helps me understand different perspectives of stakeholders. These really strengthen my confidence to deal with daily tasks in my work field.

Yu Man Chung, Brian
BSSc in Government and Public Administration, CUHK
The HK Federation of Youth Groups, HK

Previously studying social science and working in an NGO, I believe MPUP constructs a desirable platform for accumulation of knowledge and sharing of experience regarding public policy, among fellow students with diversified education and professional backgrounds. I highly appreciate that teachers are from various professional arenas and provide insightful ideas. They do not only inform us, but also inspire us. I am inspired to know how public policies influence our society, how we should act and react.

Feng Jian
BA in Economics, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, USA
Convoy Hong Kong

When I initially had the idea to pursue my master degree in public policy in 2010, the first place came to my mind is Hong Kong. With its freedom and diversity, Hong Kong has a perfect environment to study public policy. MPUP professors are all top professionals in their expert fields, and encourage students to think objectively and thoroughly. One year passed since I had joined MPUP, I must say I do not have any regrets at all. I changed a lot. I am more sensitive to social problems and try to think of a possible solution critically. Our class discussion, presentations and papers help me to understand how public policy works in the real world. I would like to thank all the professors and classmates in MPUP program in CUHK. Studying with you all is a really remarkable experience in my life.

Tan Yaxin, Sophie
Bachelor of Finance and Banking, Shenzhen University, China
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

The interaction between professors and students impressed me the most during my studying in MPUP. This is quite different from the boring and cramming method of teaching in mainland China. As a new program, MPUP gives us various choices in lessons which can bring about different ideas and explorations. I am also fascinated with knowledge of public sector in Hong Kong and benefit a lot from it.