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MPUP End-of term Gathering at Tai O 2024-05-05

On the delightful morning of May 5th, Professors Carlos LO and Professor Tang Shui Yan led a captivating end-of-term gathering for 20 MPUP students at Tai O village. They embarked on a journey with a visit to a family-run shop, where the art of shrimp-paste-making unfolded before their eyes.

Continuing their exploration, they indulged in the artistry of traditional Chinese confection, making tea cakes under skilled guidance.

A delicious lunch followed, featuring the locally renowned steamed pork with shrimp paste and silken Tofu pudding.

In the afternoon, the group started a hike, passing through Shek Tsai Po and paying homage to the revered Hung Shing Temple and Tin Hau Temple. They strolled along the peaceful seaside, discovering a heritage hotel that once served as a humble police station. The hiking trail led them to Tiger Mountain, where they marveled at the magnificent Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge.

As the journey concluded, the students bid farewell to the calm village, and returned home with cherished memories.