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FAQs for Admission

Admission FAQs

General Enquiries

  1. What are the differences between this Programme and similar programmes in other universities?
    • Unlike other programmes, MSSc Programme in Public Policy does not only focus on the public policy making process. It also gives students an interdisciplinary view in public policy making process. Courses in fields like architecture, economics, geography and resource management, are included in the curriculum to provide students with integrative knowledge on issues related to public policy.

  2. What will the medium of instruction be, and in what languages are the teaching materials?
    • Courses are taught in English only and teaching materials are mainly in English.

  3. Will I be allowed to apply for course and unit exemption for similar courses attended in other tertiary institutions?
    • The University has a policy on course/unit exemption, and requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. However, unit exemption for this Programme is usually not allowed. It is considered contrary to the aim of the Programme, which is to widen the knowledge base of students.

  4. Does the Programme require payment in advance or by installments; and how many installments are there?
    • The first installment/admission deposit for 2024 entry would be HKD85,000 for full-time students and HKD42,500 for part-time students. Students would need to pay the first installment within around two weeks from the date of the admission notification. Thereafter, the payment of the tuition fee would be counted according to the number of units students take each term at HKD 7,084 per unit (3 units per course).

  5. Is there any financial assistance available to students?
    • University will not provide financial assistance for students in this Programme.

Assessment & Course Arrangement

  1. Can the Programme be completed within one year?
    • Students may complete the Programme within one year in full-time mode. For part-time mode, it is possible to complete the Programme by enrolling and passing all 8 modules within one year and then apply for shortening study period.

  2. How will the students be assessed? Will there be an examination for each course and will a dissertation be required?
    • The assessment methods and inclusion of examination depend on the nature of each course and the decision of the instructor. Dissertation is optional for students.

  3. When will the courses be scheduled?
    • All courses will be scheduled in weekday evenings and Saturday mornings or afternoons.

  4. Will any of the classes be conducted off CUHK campus?
    • Classes will be conducted on CUHK campus only.

  5. How many terms are there in one academic year?
    • There are two terms in each academic year: Term 1: September to mid-December; Term 2: January to April.

Advice for Non-local Students

  1. Will the University offer accommodation for us?
    • Since the University does not have enough housing capacity, non-local students have to arrange accommodation by themselves.

  2. I am a non-local student studying at a university in Hong Kong and will graduate in this academic year. Should I apply for a new student visa for studying this programme?
    • Yes, you have to apply for a new student visa.

  3. Applying for Full-time study mode: What should I do once I receive the admission offer from Graduate School?
    • Successful candidates will receive an admission notification letter via the Online Application System with instructions. Normally, you have around two weeks to consider whether to accept the offer of our Programme or not. If you would like to accept our offer, please indicate your acceptance at the application website of our Graduate School and settle the admission deposit before the deadline. Then please prepare and submit your supporting documents for applying for a Student Visa to the Programme Office as soon as possible if applicable. We shall pass those documents to our Graduate School for checking and submission to the Hong Kong Immigration Department. Usually, it takes around two months to complete the entire process. The Graduate School will complete the “e-Visa” collection process and inform students by email. All in all, you are highly encouraged to act promptly after receiving the offer.

      If there is/are admission condition(s), applicants are required to submit related documents by the condition fulfillment deadline stipulated on their admission notification. If you are unable to fulfill the condition, your student visa will become void.

  4. Applying for Part-time study mode:
    • Without employment visa in Hong Kong: the process is similar to the one for full-time study mode, but more supporting documents and longer processing time are required by Hong Kong Immigration Department. For details, please refer to the website of our Graduate School

      With employment visa in Hong Kong: you have to present your employment visa to our Graduate School as soon as you confirm the admission offer. Please make sure your visa is valid during the entire academic year (from September to April).